Excitement at the Hog’s Snout–Part 1

Rain was pouring down when I arrived at the Hog’s Snout, and I was glad that my friends had secured the table nearest the fire.  The young monk Michael was there with Hubmaier and Zell.  I had told him that he would recognize Hubmaier by his size, his lion’s mane of shoulder-length hair, and his coat trimmed in budge.

Cartoon of Zasius

We had eaten all the tripe and reduced the bread to crumbs when Fabri, at last, arrived, and though he dropped wearily upon the settle, his dignity flowed around him like the elegant robe he wore.  There was no evidence of his former poverty, for he was the protegé of the jurist, Ulrich Zasius, and often represented the well-known legal scholar in class and in court. 

Not that Fabri lived like a maggot in bacon, for Zasius was stingy in many ways.  But he did make sure Fabri’s wardrobe was commensurate with Zasius’ own dignity and with the value that he placed on the young legal scholar.  Indeed, Fabri was working on his second law degree and would soon have doctorates in both civil and canon law.

“Then, he’ll be a two-headed doctor,” Hubmaier said to Michael, as Fabri scratched his dark, day-old beard and surveyed the empty platters.

Hubmaier pushed the ale toward him.  “We waited for you like four pigs wait on another.  I hope you ate at Zasius’ table.”

Fabri rubbed his eyes.  “No, I’ve been at the printer’s proofing Zasius’ latest treatise.  I close my eyes and see type lying backward.”

“I’ve money,” Hubmaier said.  “I’ll get you a dumpling.”

Fabri shook his head.  Then he noticed Michael.  “Ho.  How do you fare, young monk?”

“I’m well, Doctor Fabri.”

“You don’t have to call me that unless you’re in my class.”

“When I am a Doctor,” Hubmaier said, pushing forward his huge chest, “You shall all bow and scrape my boots and call me ‘Doctor’.”

“You’ll have to get some boots,” Zell said.

“And a haircut,” I said.

“So that you look not so much like a trained bear,” said Fabri.

Then a loud commotion caused us to turn toward the door. . .

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