An Allemande with Clio

Those who wish to trek in the country of History can take many paths. 

The first is the road of true scholarship, and those who dedicate themselves to this difficult way deserve our admiration. Their efforts require knowledge of the old languages, long hours of tedious research, and the close scrutiny of their peers.  Two such scholars are particularly close to Capito’s heart.  If the reader wishes to know more about the historical Capito, he should consult:

Wolfgang Capito, From Humanist to Reformer by James M. Kettelson.  The best and most recent biography in English.

The Correspondence of Wolfgang Capito, translated by Erika Rummel, provides English translations of Capito’s letters unavailable elsewhere.  (The letters in Latin are provided here with English summaries of letters available elsewhere.)

The second path to the country of History, also taken by the serious scholar, is that of creative nonfiction or popular history.  An excellent example of this approach is found at History in the Margins by Dr. Pamela Toler.  Visit this clever site regularly for fascinating glimpses backstage of the many dramas that history unfolds.

The third path, not so scholarly but still delightful, is to flit about like a bee.  This writer has taken such an approach, and his meandering trail can be found at The Research Behind Capito.

Whichever path you find, dear Reader, if Clio, the Muse of History, takes your hand, your steps will be an allemande into a land full of amazements.

Clio from The Allegory of Painting by Johannes Vermeer

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