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Your Capito, Best Reader, has taken to frequent wandering in the back rooms of this publishing house called WordPress (though it can’t hold a candle to the Amerbachs).  He delights to know how visitors land here.  What were they seeking?  A few days ago, someone searched for Humanists Latin Names.  Clearly, this researcher wanted to know why we scholars of the humanities take Latin names.  Or perhaps, how we arrive at our new appellative.  Perhaps he was thinking of redefining himself.  Or reviving the custom. 

This same back room also presents a list of posts viewed each day.  Oh disappointment!  The poor seeker of names never found my most excellent discussion of this topic, for that post was not viewed that day.  (I modestly say it is the best article I’ve ever seen on the subject.)

Naturally, I wanted to jump on a fast horse and chase the searcher down, but unless that horse would be Pegasus, able to travel through the ether, I can not do it.  A courier can usually be bribed to reveal the name of an anonymous sender, but Capito has no way to contact this seeker of names.

Several researchers come to this site daily looking for specific information, so Capito has decided to create an Index by Subject to aid those looking for posts about a particular topic.  However, if you just want to sit around the Hog’s Snout and pass a costrel, we won’t need an Index.

Comments most Welcome via the tiny word below.

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