About Capito

I was born in 1478 in Hagenau in the German lands. My father was a smith, but we lived in a peasants’ hut, and some days our food was gruel and coarse bread, which I still prefer to white bread. My father Hans ordered me on his death bed not to become a priest, for he thought religion encouraged the worst in man.

To please my father, I earned a doctorate in medicine at Freiburg in 1498. But I never practiced or even claimed the title, “Doctor.” When my father died, I abandoned all pretense of medicine, and returned to the University to study what I loved, for what better thing can one do with one’s life than ask important questions? I received my Masters, but it was in the printshop, where I worked as a proofreader, that I became acquainted with the “New” learning, which called for a return to ancient, pre-Christian wisdom as recorded in its original languages.

I have at last shaken off my father’s dead hand and followed my heart to become a priest. Not a priest of the superstitious past, but of the thinking future, the questioning future. . .

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