The Research Behind Capito

The original intent of this page, Best Reader, was to provide a Select Bibliography of such respected scholarly works as might impress Erasmus or Ozment.  But what of the lesser works from which can be gleaned the cost of a horse or the recipe for a rosewater cookie?  Shall they be ignored?  What of works that offer little new information but launch one into Capito’s society?  Shall they be disparaged?

Scholars have examined every minutiae of 16th centry politics, society, religion, and daily life.  A fog of scholarly monographs, contemporary sources, translations, primary sources, incunabula, secondary sources, historical novels, juvenile fiction, volumes of correspondence, and a seeming endless stream of propaganda surround Fabri, Hubmaier, Zell, the monk Michael, and the rest of us. The following is not a comprehensive list or a selection of the best. 

The writer, for over a decade, cast his net, which returned, as Jesus said, full of many things.  Eat the fish that seems good to you, gentle Reader, and discard the rest.

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